• Ceren YILMAZ


Cybersecurity, Cyber Attacks, New Threats, Human Rights, International Law


Today face-to-face relationships have left their place to the virtual relations, and in this context they have changed types of threats to individuals. The globalization and technological change and development have also gave birth to types of threats. We face these threats particularly in the cyberspace. Especially in recent years, the increase in the use of the internet and the change of social relations have caused new threats towards the individual. One of the main problems is the emergence of new human rights violators apart from the state. Yet, it is also very difficult to find out the violator in the most cases. Even if they are found, there is no any international legal mechanism that can punish them. In this context, this article will first explain the concepts related to cyberspace and cybersecurity. As an extension of the cyber security, the actors of the area will be briefly mentioned and then the human rights violations
in cyberspace will be examined. In the last part, the relation between human rights and international law will be evaluated in the context of cyber security.



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