About the Journal

Cyberpolitik Journal: A Peer Review International E-Journal on Cyberpolitics, Cybersecurity, and Human Rights is the first academic journal study in cyberpolitics and cyber security in Turkey. The main mission of the journal is to contribute to the literature of this important field, which is in its infancy stage in the international relations literature of Turkey.


The dynamic nature of international relations necessitates constant evolving and changing relationships which has been transformed with technological developments into different dimensions that have added new issues to the literature, including new concepts. The Internet, which is the last phase of the optical science that is speeding through the contributions of Ibn al-Haytham, is at the forefront of these new issues. Especially since 2000, technological developments have spread faster with the internet. States and other organizations have come to recognize the power of the internet, its potential opportunities and vulnerabilities, causing a new era in international relations. The new era of cyber power has also required the development of new frameworks and security strategies that take into consideration cyber space alongside with more conventional dimensions e.g. land, sea and air.  Cyber security has gained greater attention and prioritization by governments and international organizations following cyber attacks, such as the denial-of-services attacks in Estonia 2007 and the industrial sabatoge such as Stuxnet in Iran in 2010. States have begun to form cyber security policies on one side, while on the other side has also aimed to reduce the cost of war by setting up cyber army. The cyber attacks or the cyber force that has taken an important place in itself in the case of the Hybrid War, which Russia implemented in the Crimea, is a phenomenon that the international community has encountered in recent years and may face more and more in the future. This new domain of international relations requires the identification of new ideas and security policies.


The goal of the Cyberpolitik Journal is to contribute to the discipline of international relations both nationally and internationally, by analyzing the technological developments,  the state's political and security policies, its legal systems and more importantly its democratic structures. From this point of view, the main purpose of the Cyberpolitik Journal is to contribute to a better understanding of the relationship between cyberspace and international relations. Although Cyberpolitik Journal focuses on cyber policy, other important issues such as society, security, peace, international relations, international law and human rights will also be critically analyzed in the journal.